Making Sense of Waiting: A Guide for Uncertain Times

In the quiet moments between actions, waiting reveals its secrets. It’s not just about ticking off seconds—it’s about how we handle it. Waiting comes in different shapes—waiting for something, being at a place while waiting, or simply being in a waiting state. Each way speaks a different language in this waiting game.

Being fruitful in waiting isn’t about sitting idly. It’s an active stance, preparing for what’s next. Knowing when this waiting time arrives, understanding why it’s here, and taking steps that fit with what God wants for us—it’s all part of making this wait count.

Sometimes, figuring out we’re in a waiting phase isn’t clear as day. It sneaks up on us, making us question things and feel unsure. That’s the signpost saying, “Pause and ask for guidance.” Maybe it’s deciding on a relationship’s path or aiming for a big break in our career. Taking a breath to find clarity might save us from unnecessary hurt later. Knowing what exactly we’re waiting for is like getting a map. It keeps us focused. 

Whether it’s a better job, a partner for life, or that golden opportunity, knowing why we’re waiting helps us stay calm. And finding where to wait—be it in prayers, giving ourselves to service, or accepting the process—anchors us in this waiting journey.

How we wait speaks volumes about our attitude. Sitting back, feeling hopeless, versus waiting with hope and belief. Psalms from the Bible talk about waiting with trust, finding strength in God’s presence. It’s all about how we face the wait that makes the difference.

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