Embracing Persistence and Faith in the Waiting Period

In times of waiting, especially when our prayers seem to go unheard, it’s easy to feel
disheartened. We might wonder if God is really listening, especially when what we’ve
asked for doesn’t show up right away. But consider the story of Daniel: he prayed for 21
days, and when an angel finally came with an answer, Daniel found out that God had
already answered his prayers from the very beginning.

This tells us something important: persistence matters. When we persist in our prayers,
it’s like wearing down the devil, who can’t handle our continuous faith and hope.
There are times when what we desire might not align with what’s meant for us in the
bigger plan of God. That’s when it seems like our prayers go unanswered. However,
even in the midst of this uncertainty, holding onto hope becomes crucial. We may not
fully understand the larger plan that’s at work, but there’s a belief that it’s all for our

When our prayers seem unanswered, it’s like a small part of a bigger, intricate story—a
story being carefully woven by God. Prayer, our desires, and our life’s purpose all
intersect in a way that requires patience, faith, and acceptance. Aligning ourselves with
God’s plan brings a sense of peace, even if what we want right now isn’t coming to pass.
There’s a deep assurance that what lies ahead in the grand scheme of things is far
greater than what we think we want at this moment.

So, in this waiting period, it’s about persisting in our faith, believing that even when it
seems silent, God is working behind the scenes. It’s about trusting that what’s meant for
us will eventually unfold in a way that exceeds our current desires. And in this
persistence, there’s strength and hope that sustain us through the uncertainties of the
waiting game.

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