Holding onto Hope When Your Turn Seems Delayed

Have you ever watched others leap forward while you’re still waiting for your chance?
It’s tough when it seems like everyone around you is living the life you dream of
achieving what you long for, and you’re there, sometimes even supporting them in their
journey. It can feel like everyone’s winning the race except you. But hang in there, your
moment is on its way. What might help in these moments is genuinely celebrating their
successes—even if it’s what you wish for yourself.

Perhaps your sibling is getting married while you’re still seeking a lasting relationship, or
your friend just snagged a job while you’re still hunting. It’s okay if you feel a bit left
behind but try to sincerely rejoice in their victories. Why? Because God sees your heart,
and He’s preparing you for something incredible. Instead of dwelling on what hasn’t
happened yet, focus on believing that your time is coming—because it truly is.
God’s promise is that He makes everything beautiful in its own perfect time. He isn’t
scheming anything bad for you; He’s planning good things. So, stay hopeful because
your turn is on its way.

In these moments of waiting, it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions. Sometimes, it’s hard
to keep smiling when things aren’t lining up for you just yet. But in these moments,
remember that your journey is unique, and comparing it to others won’t make your turn
come any quicker. Use this time to work on yourself, to grow, and to prepare for the
amazing things that lie ahead.

Your journey isn’t the same as anyone else’s, and that’s okay. Embrace where you are,
celebrate the successes around you, and keep that hope burning bright. Your time is
coming, and when it arrives, it’ll be more beautiful and fulfilling than you can imagine.
Trust in God’s timing, keep your spirits high, and know that your story is still being

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