Navigating Fruitful Waiting Times

Waiting, it’s like hitting pause in a world that’s always rushing. But did you know that this waiting time can actually be a time for growth and progress? Sounds odd, right? 

Let’s talk about it.

You see, from the very start, God encouraged us to be fruitful—basically, to grow and develop in every part of life. But here’s the catch: being fruitful isn’t just about having more stuff. It’s about making progress, expanding, and becoming better in every way.

However, being fruitful isn’t something that just happens. It needs us to play a part. Think of it like following a recipe. There are steps—subdue, replenish, multiply—that fit into being fruitful. It’s like getting ready for something big. 

Now, waiting is something we all have to deal with. Waiting for things like healing, finding love, or moving ahead in our jobs—it’s tough. But guess what? This waiting time, despite feeling tough, is actually an important part of growing and being fruitful.

Being fruitful during this waiting time might sound like a puzzle, but it’s all about making the most of this pause. It’s about making progress even when everything seems still. We’re talking about growing not just in things we can see but also in how we think and feel.

To make the best of this waiting time, let’s figure out what we’re waiting for and where we should be while waiting. It’s about being actively looking for answers, believing even when things aren’t clear, and finding ways to stay hopeful even in uncertain times.

Remember, waiting might feel like a stop sign, but in reality, it’s a chance for us to get ready for the good things that are on the way. So, let’s see this waiting time as an opportunity to grow and be fruitful in every part of our lives.

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