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Public Speaking

Fikayo Benson is dedicated to offering impactful public speaking services designed to elevate events, inspire audiences, and deliver compelling messages. With a blend of passion, expertise, and authenticity, Fikayo specializes in delivering engaging keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations.

His approach to public speaking is rooted in crafting powerful narratives that resonate with audiences. Fikayo’s speeches are designed to inform, motivate, and empower, whether addressing large audiences or intimate gatherings. He brings a unique blend of storytelling, expertise, and relatability to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact.

With Fikayo Benson’s public speaking services, you can expect an inspiring and transformative experience that uplifts, educates, and motivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression long after the event has ended.


What Listeners Say

Fikayo's unwavering dedication to uplifting others is evident in his enthusiastic approach to engaging audiences, reflecting his passion for fostering connections and aiding those in need. His approachability and genuine kindness form the bedrock of an inviting atmosphere crucial for effective communication in public speaking. Despite his remarkable achievements, Fikayo's humility and eagerness to continuously learn and collaborate stand as a testament to his relentless pursuit of growth—an essential quality that resonates with and inspires audiences. In essence, Fikayo transcends mere accomplishments; he embodies inspiration, resilience, and generosity—traits that position him as a profound influencer in the domain of public speaking. His impact undoubtedly serves as a driving force, uplifting and motivating audiences fortunate enough to engage with his presentations.


I met Dr Fikayo in 2016, and the first thing that struck me about him was his uncanny ability to pass information across (no matter how uncomfortable) in a way that is acceptable to everyone who listens. Over the years, I have watched him, and listened to him speak at various engagements about various topics. Dr Fikayo possesses an uncanny ability to sublime seemingly complex or difficult to navigate topics into simple and easy to understand brackets. 

He is a speaker per excellence, possessing a lot of emotional intelligence, empathy and in line with the word of God.

In my 7 years of knowing him, I have become a better person by reason of my interactions and discussions with him.

Any person or organization would be blessed to have Dr Fikayo speak with or to them! 

Dr Kunle R

I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support Dr. Fikayo has extended to me over the past 5 years. His unwavering dedication and commitment to assisting others shine brightly in the time and effort he invested in guiding me and many others through various challenging journeys. His wealth of knowledge and genuine willingness to help have not only eased the complexities of education and career guidance but also inspired me to approach life with a similar sense of dedication. I feel fortunate to have such a supportive and generous mentor, whose guidance has been instrumental in shaping my educational and career path.

Samuel Tunde Alao

Fikayo Benson's consistent support and steadfast nature over our nearly seven-year connection exemplify reliability, a pivotal trait in effective public speaking. He's the dependable figure you can confidently rely on in any speaking engagement. His ability to inspire and drive individuals toward their fullest potential is invaluable in the realm of public speaking. His unwavering encouragement and support act as catalysts, fostering confidence as speakers navigate their engagements. His attributes—kindness, intelligence, diligence, and resourcefulness—are pivotal for engaging and motivating audiences effectively, making him an exemplary model for aspiring public speakers to emulate.

Regina A.


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